Less Traditional than Many Think, Plumbers Eagerly Adopt an Effective New Tool

While many quite reasonably think of it as a relatively traditional industry, the world of plumbing is actually always evolving. Like other successful tradespeople, skilled plumbers are invariably practical, pragmatic people and just as open to new possibilities as they are supportive of techniques that are proven to work. In recent years, this openness to new things has contributed to the adoption of a relatively new style of sewer cleaning equipment, as that option has proven to be superior, in many ways, to the traditional approaches to doing things.

A properly functioning sewer line, of course, will allow waste to pass through it freely and without obstruction. Over time, though, problems can build up, whether in the form of accumulations of waste that harden and adhere to pipe walls or even through tree roots working their way in as they search for nutrients. Eventually, these issues can come to a critical head, resulting in complete blockage of the pipe that must be eliminated before proper functioning can be guaranteed.


Traditionally, the standard way of addressing such problems was to use flexible augers to drill out the offending material. Commonly known as a “snake,” this style of drain cleaning equipment is a fairly effective one in many cases, although it does have its limits. One of these is that it is best suited for addressing blockages that crop up fairly close to a particular opening, since the auger tends to lose power the further it is extended. Another is that the auger can require quite a bit of luck on the part of the user, because it is not always easy to direct to the root cause of the issue.

In recent years, more and sewer hydro jetting tools┬ámore plumbers have been making use of a new style of sewer cleaning equipment that overcomes these problems. Instead of a physical auger, this kind of tool employs water under high pressure to do away with blockages and buildup. Like the common plumber’s snake, the tool can be an effective way of handling most of the common clogs that afflict sewer systems, but without the usual drawbacks.

If the industry were as traditional as many people suppose, it might be thought that devices of this kind would have had a harder time finding their way to acceptance. In fact, though, plumbers have been fairly eager about adopting this new option, with many investing in units for their own businesses. That is good news for anyone who has a plumbing problem, because it means that the most effective solutions are likely to be offered.

Less Traditional than Many Think, Plumbers Eagerly Adopt an Effective New Tool